Welcome in Grenoble, we can help you to find a flat

It is our job!

You have just arrived in Grenoble and you are looking for an apartment?

Our team will be glad to make your search easier and enjoyable.
We will assist you during all the rental process.
We will give you good advices in order to make your move-in comfortable.
We will be glad to share with you our experience of Grenoble.

« We are delighted to welcome you in Grenoble.
All our team and, especially, Estelle are available to provide you all the necessary information to make your search for apartment easy.
She speaks English, so do not hesitate to contact her. »

Delphine Teillaud, director.

First, we provide you some documents in English to facilitate your search (listing of our offers and an application form).
Next, we come with you to visit the properties. When the apartment is occupied we help you to call and arrange an appointment with the current tenants.
Then, we guide you with the application form and the documents to provide.
Concerning the lease, we will translate the main points in English for a better understanding.

We also assist you with the public utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water).

Regarding the inventory, on request we could help you in this procedure in English (the inventories are made by an independent company). During your tenancy, you could contact us in English, preferably by email. We will help you with any problems that could happen (leak, work…).
Finally, before your departure, we will explain you the procedure.
How and when to give your notice ?
How to prepare for your check-out ?
How to get your security deposit ?
We will help you to close your contracts with the public utilities (water, gas, electricity).

Tenants must get and maintain a personal property insurance to cover any damage or loss caused by fire, rain, leakage and any other causes.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Your guide to be a perfect tenant


As tenant you have some responsibilities. In order to avoid any issues during your tenancy thank you for following the rules below :

Keep the apartment clean,
Put out garbage in proper containers,
Use electrical and plumbing fixtures properly,
Follow state housing rules,
Respect the rules of the building,
Do not damage the landlord’s property,
Do not disturb the neighborhood,
Do not let guests do either of those things,
Use appliances with care,
Notify the landlord when repairs are needed,
Maintain the apartment in good condition,
Make necessary repairs caused by you or your guests,
Pay your rent in time,
Use right sponge and product to clean the kitchen supplies, mainly the steel furnitures (inox),
In the case of flood or fire damage you must fill in a statement and send the form to your insurance as soon as possible


For any damage caused by leakage, you must immediately call your insurance and the agency.
You also must complete a statement and send it to your insurance and to the agency .

Even if you are not responsible of the damage but just victim, you must complete a statement.

Lease termination

How to give your notice ?

You must notify the agency of your intention to end the lease. You can give your notice anytime during the lease. If you rent an unfurnished apartment, you must give three month’s notice before your departure, except in the case of a relocation or the loss of your job (these cases require one month’s notice). For a furnished apartment, only one month’s notice is necessary for any reason. You must send to the agency a registered letter with acknowledge receipt. The notice starts the day we receive the letter. During your notice, the agency has the right to show the property to prospective clients. Either you can conduct these visits yourselves, in this case we will give your phone number to the prospective tenants. Or we can organize and conduct the visits for you during the normal business hours of the agency.


Before leaving definitely the apartment you will have to :

Clean carefully all of the property including, basement, garage, attic …
The flat must be empty
Repair the holes made in the walls
Repair the Silicone seals in sinks, bath, shower …
Clean the toilet
Clean the appliances for air conditioning
leave the light bulbs
Replace the broken dishes or appliances
Provide certificates of boiler maintenance and chimney sweeping

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us before the date of the inspection.

The security deposit

A security deposit is a payment required by the agency to ensure that a tenant keeps the rental in good condition. If the tenant damages the property, the agency can use the security deposit to cover these repairs. This deposit may also be used to cover any expenses during the tenancy that are not paid. (rent, charges, repairs of damage, cleaning of the rental…). The agency has two months after your departure to refund the security deposit (don’t forget to give us your new address and your bank details).
The amount of the security deposit is usually one month’s rent. It’s two month’s rent for a furnished apartment.